Collection: Turtle Sarten & Bernie Harfleet

Turtle and Bernie make social art. They often invite the audience to become part of the work and together work toward social change.

They have a long association with NZ Sculpture OnShore, exhibiting both individually and in collaboration. Their last three installations have been major works for the couple.

The first 'Feed the Kids Too', featured 6,000 lunchboxes that went on to be filled with lunch and gifted to 6,000 students in low decile schools after the show.

The second 'Max and Bella and Friends' was made up of 10,000 white windmills.

And the third work, commissioned by Women's Refuge NZ, a giant maze made of shipping pallets titled 'Why Don't You Just Leave?'

Their work 'Give a Kid a Blanket' is an ongoing living social art work having begun in 2015 and now functioning as a registered charity.

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