Schools Exhibition

Schools Exhibition at NZ Sculpture OnShore underground at Fort Takapuna O Peretu

The Schools' Exhibition showcases collaborative works, created by students from primary, intermediate and secondary schools across Auckland. The exhibition is staged in the historic underground fort which offers a unique space for up to fifteen schools to exhibit.
Selected high schools are also given the opportunity to exhibit above ground.  

Bringing school art to a wider audience

The exhibition offers students an opportunity to have their artworks displayed alongside professional sculptors at a nationally significant event and have them viewed by thousands of visitors. Over 1,200 students contribute to the collaborative artworks on display at any given event, making this a true celebration of the creative prowess of Tāmaki Makaurau’s youngest artists.

2014 School's Exhibition at NZ Sculpture OnShore at Fort Takapuna O Peretu  Schools Exhibition underground at NZ Sculpture OnShore at Fort Takapuna O Peretu

2023 Exhibiting Schools

Sixteen schools and a collaborative project have been selected to participate in our 2023 Schools Exhibition. The event showcases the imagination and creativity of Tāmaki Makaurau’s youngest artists and continues to surpass our expectations at every event. 

Exhibiting schools:

Belmont Primary School
Birkenhead College
Campbells Bay Primary School
Devonport Primary School
Green Bay College
Kristin School
Long Bay College
Milford Primary School
Monte Cecilia School
Ponsonby Intermediate School
Remuera Intermediate School
Stanley Bay Primary School
St Leo’s Catholic School
Takapuna Grammar School
Vauxhall Primary School
Wakaaranga School

And also Pakiwaitara o Matariki, Carving the Matariki Story – a collaborative project involving Bayswater Primary School, Belmont Intermediate School, Belmont Primary, Devonport Primary School, Hauraki Primary School, St Leo’s Catholic School and Stanley Bay Primary School.


Celebrating artistic talent in emerging artists

For the second time, prizes will be awarded to exhibiting schools - the Angela Morton Primary School Prize, the Angela Morton Intermediate/Secondary School Prize and 2 highly commended prizes.
These prizes have been generously donated by the Morton Family, in loving memory of Angela Morton who was a keen supporter of the arts. Schools receive cash donations to expand their arts programmes.

Milford School exhibition at NZ Sculpture OnShore in the underground bunker at Fort Takapuna in 2018

Milford School was the winner of the Angela Morton Primary School prize in 2018.


NZ Sculpture OnShore is extremely grateful to the talented teaching staff who work so enthusiastically to devise the school art installation and to deliver a memorable art experience for participating students.  

Did you know? By booking a School Tour you get first right of refusal to participate in the next event as an exhibiting school. 

Westlake Boys High School art installation above ground for the Schools Exhibition for NZ Sculpture OnShore  Art installation below ground for NZ Sculpture OnShore Schools Exhibition at Fort Takapuna, Auckland

Artwork called 'Manawa' at the Schools Exhibition at NZ Sculpture OnShore at Fort Takapuna, Auckland  Artwork called 'Pohutukawa' at the Schools Exhibition at NZ Sculpture OnShore at Fort Takapuna, Auckland


Watch the below video about the creation of school artworks for the 2014 event.


  • Pakiwaitara o Matariki: Carving the Maori Story (Various Schools)

  • Belmont Primary, Find Your Way

  • Birkenhead College, A Fort

  • Campbells Bay Primary, Not Self But Service

  • Devonport Primary School, Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu

  • Green Bay College, Stories

  • Kristin School, The Land We Stand On

  • Long Bay College, Culture - local and personal

  • Milford Primary School, Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari ke he toa takitini

  • Monte Cecilia School, Mount Aspiring

  • Ponsonby Intermediate, The Wild Fight of Kapokapowai

  • Remuera Intermediate School, Schooling Fish

  • Stanley Bay Primary School, Fantastic creatures in our moana

  • St Leo's Catholic School, Icons and Whenua

  • Takapuna Grammar School, Kaitaki Creatures And Lost Things

  • Vauxhall Primary School, Ko Wai Ahau? Who Am I?

  • Wakaaranga School, Lizard Lounge