Collection: Paora Toi-te-Rangiuaia

As well as working with precious metals and gemstones, Paora also works in pounamu, obsidian, glass, jasper, basalt, andesite, limestone, wood, bronze and aluminium. His creations range from 10mm in size, to 10x5m! 

Based on Waiheke Island for over 30 years, Paora has been operating his Oneroa gallery 'Paora 'for the last 23 years.  

His art journey began at the age of seven when he was inspired by his mother's  artistry. His other main inspiration arose from research into his 19th century Ngāti Porou grandfather, Rīwai Pakerau. He was one of six recognised Tohunga whakairo for the East Coast wharenui and a designer of kowhaiwhai patterns who introduced heraldic motifs into the wharenui.   

As such, his largest sculpted work is a 10x5m limestone wall in Les Lapidiales France which is dedicated to both Riwai and his mother Sarah. 

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