Collection: Oliver Cain

Oliver Cain is an English born, New Zealand award-winning artist. His work bears a certain physicality and pushes the boundaries between conceptualism and post-pop art.  

As a proud member of the queer community, much of his work speaks of sexuality, identity, gender and queer storytelling.  

At first glance his crafted objects, sculptures and installations are amusing and whimsical. However, despite how it may appear to the contemporary spectator, a purely erotic and queer reading of the work would be misguided. There is a universal profundity at play revealing itself slowly for those willing to look and feel.  

Cain is always making new work and pushing boundaries and 2023 has been a busy year filled with creating and exhibition. Oliver recently exhibited some of his ceramic work in the USA and showcased a unique artwork at this years World of Wearable Arts. 

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