Collection: Nejat Kavvas

Nejat Kavvas is a trained pharmacist who has studied archaeology, history, classical studies and art history and has been painting, engraving and sculpting since the age of twelve.   

Kavvas became a full-time artist after learning glass casting, pate de verre, flame working and sand casting in the United States, Europe and New Zealand. He studied at Florence Art Academy in 2018 and marble carving in Pietrasanta Italy in 2023.  

Through his own textile company, he designs rugs and carpets for the New Zealand and overseas markets.  

Kavvas has taught at art schools in Europe and New Zealand and has exhibited at galleries in New Zealand, Europe and the United States. He was invited to exhibit at the prestigious SOFA art exhibition in Chicago in 2011, the Istanbul Contemporary Expo 2018 and at the Contex Miami Art Fair 2018.  

He currently practices in his studio in Rosedale, Auckland. 

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