Collection: Metal Metcalfe

METcALfe (Metal Metcalfe) is a creative business combining two sisters Amy Lynch and Katie Baptiste’s skill sets. 

This started as an experiment in October 2020 between the two of them to create colourful, stylised, playful artworks.  

Amy brings her product and metal fabrication skills to the organisation, while Katie brings her pattern, colour and material expertise. The results are energetic, fun and accessible artworks and products.  

The sisters are continually looking to extend the life of existing materials and resources in curious, conscious and colourful ways.  

Both participated in CollaboratioNZ artist symposium, Whangerei Heads in March 2023, and curated their first solo exhibition in June this year, Re:Claimed at Soul Gallery, Hamilton.  

They were selected for both the RT Nelson Sculpture/ NZ Art Show in June 2022 and Auckland Botanic Gardens, Sculpture in the Gardens during the summer of 2021/22.

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