Collection: Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes, a precise, meticulous, and organised artist, attributes the birth of his appreciation and passion for art to his formative years. 

Matt learnt the basics of art, woodworking, and metalworking from the age of 8 and continued through to high school where he discovered his passion for technical drawing and CAD design. 

20 years of metal design and fabrication across several industries in both New Zealand and abroad led Matt to developing and perfecting any trade skills in metalworking, automotive painting, and electrical.  

Towards the end of 2017 both Matt and his wife Cindy decided to reduce waste within their core business and to utilise remnant CNC materials to create garden sculpture.  

Since its inception, SteelArt NZ has grown from a part-time small business selling at occasional markets in Northland NZ in 2020, to a  full-time business retailing bespoke corten artworks across all 7 continents. 

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