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Maggy J, has been a practicing artist, sculptor and painter since 2000, but after graduating from MFA Whitecliffes College in 2014, her contemporary art practice has become environmental and gender equality based.

Creating sculptural textiles using pre-used ‘masculine’ materials, found items and pre-used materials that cause environmental damage, she uses ‘womanly’ skills to create alluring 3D artworks that encourage viewers to interact with them and to consider their behaviours around surrounding waste, consumerism and environmental damage. 

Maggy J’s work is exhibited widely throughout NZ, with the most significant achievements being a solo exhibition ‘Ex Post Facto’, a finalist in Molly Morpeth 3D, a runner up in Changing Threads Textile Awards, and showing in Sculpture on the Peninsula.  

‘Quirky’, ‘engaging’ and ‘thought-provoking‘ best describe her work. 

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