Collection: Lara Thomas & Bobbie Gray

Lara Thomas and Bobbie Gray, multidisciplinary artists from Tāmaki Makaurau, collaborate to transform found and cast-off materials, shedding light on issues in production and consumption.  

Their work is deeply rooted in the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. Through their work they prompt viewers to reflect on their habits and the potential repercussions for our natural environment. Bobbie and  Lara's art serves as a compelling reminder of our responsibility towards the delicate ecosystems of our planet.  

Graduates of Whitecliffe and Elam with a BFA in 2017, the duo began collaborating in 2019. Their exceptional creations have graced esteemed exhibitions, including City of Colour and Light Up Whakatane in 2022, along with Elemental at Auckland Botanic Gardens in the same year. 

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