Collection: Karen Walters

Karen is a contemporary NZ sculptor of Māori and European descent. Her connection to whenua influences her work fundamentally reflecting the essence of life forms within the NZ landscape while referencing narratives of human nature. She sculpts in bronze and native timber.  

After attaining a Bachelor of Education Degree from Auckland University, Karen moved to Australia and completed a Visual Arts Degree at James Cook University, in her final year achieving Top Sculpture Award 2002. After this, Karen spent 3 years teaching at Diocesan School for Girls as Head of the Senior Design Department. Karen then went on to pursue a full time career in art and has remained a full time artist since 2006, regularly exhibiting nationally and internationally. Her work features in residential and public spaces worldwide.  

Karen and her family reside in Sandspit where she produces commission and exhibition work from her workshop spaces onsite. 

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