Collection: Josh Olley

Josh Olley is a full-time stone sculptor who works from his studio in Luggate, a small Otago town situated between Wanaka and Cromwell, New Zealand. Josh’s work often reflects on people and society, regularly using hands to present his message as they are a strong form that is often suggested within the stone.  

Josh works predominantly in stone, he prefers Piemontite glacial erratics for large works with its unique grain, purple colour and exclusivity to his local area.   

He also works with his partner, Amelia, on complementary sculptural pieces. While Josh makes large-scale stone sculptures, Amelia makes moulds of his and her smaller works which they cast in bronze.  

“The first stage of my sculpture is discovering the form that fits the stone, so the potential of each remains in the finished piece. This is vital to the process.” 

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