Collection: Javier Murcia

The sense of self-belief he brings to each new sculptural medium, his keen and methodical observational abilities, and his ‘can-do’ attitude grant Javier a special place among his peers. His work dances on a knife edge, as noble and reverential as it is fervent and impassioned. It is a deft-defying balancing act that Javier has mastered in his own extraordinary way.  

An accomplished figurative and portrait sculptor, Javier could have enjoyed an accomplished career focussed on this one area of expertise, but his intensely inquisitive mind and explorer’s spirit compel him to take up new materials, methodologies, ideas and inspirations, stepping out of predictability and into wondrous new realms of creative endeavour. The curiosity and passion with which Javier journeys through life is in turn embodied in each piece he creates. 

Javier has collaborated with Māori artist, James Molnar on the piece created for NZ Sculpture OnShore. 

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