Collection: Janet Mazenier

Based in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland, Janet's abstract art practice engages with place, space, time, colour and materiality. She wishes for viewers to interpret these underlying concepts by engaging with the paintings texturally rich, excavated and striated surfaces.  

Paintings are made with oil paint that is mixed with beeswax,called cold wax medium, different to encaustic which is applied in heated form. This allows for a non-toxic practice resulting in ephemeral, multiple-layered, textural works. Techniques such as scratching, sgraffito, infinite ways of making marks with various types of wet and dry media and an ability to create visual and actual depth and ethereal surfaces all accrue to the final work. A major factor in Janet’s practice is the knowledge that her materials and work are as organic as possible. 

Janet holds a BFA and MFA (1st class Hons., Elam) and in March 2023 was awarded a three-year scholarship to undertake her PhD in Creative Practice at AUT. 

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