Collection: Gina Ferguson

Gina Ferguson is an artist, senior lecturer and curator at Unitec Te Pukenga Auckland. Ferguson enjoys the relationship between education, curation and practice. She has exhibited in New Zealand and Australia and has work in a range of private and public institutions and collections.  

She primarily creates installations, and is involved in wider art and craft practices. Interests in the temporal, socio-cultural discourse, the environment, memory, personal narratives, gender, music, interactivity and relational aesthetics inform her practice. She uses ceramics, wool, hair, twine, rubber, wire, plastic ties, fabric, wood and found or recycled materials. Recently her works have included sound and social engagement.   

She works independently and in collaboration with others, exhibiting indoors and in the landscape. Ferguson has been a finalist in art awards in Australia and has won national awards. 

Her outdoor sculpture exhibitions include Sculpture in the Botanic Gardens; Headland, Sculpture on the Gulf,NZ Sculpture OnShore, Harbourview Sculpture Trial and Shapeshifter.  

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