Helen Pollock

What inspires your art practice?
I have been a practising sculptor in Devonport for three decades. My work addresses mythological and historical concerns: “Looking back to see my way forward.” The outcome has been a series of four commemorative sculptures. Falls the Shadow first exhibited at the Auckland War Memorial Museum is now permanently installed at the Passchendaele Memorial Museum and ‘Victory Medal’ first exhibited at New Zealand Sculpture on Shore is now permanently installed at Le Quesnoy in France. A third work ‘As Above, So Below’ is permanently installed in the RNZ Navy Museum WW1 Pavilion at Torpedo Bay Devonport. Earlier this year I received an ONZM honour for services to art and particularly sculpture.

What materials do you work in?
I work primarily in clay, and more recently in clay, bronze and steel.

Briefly describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2018.
Barry Brickell’s feet were gnarled and misshapen from a lifetime of digging clay, potting, and climbing through the Coromandel bush to build his railway. He only wore roman sandals and wore them until they were completely worn out. I will sculpt and cast them in bronze and mount on one of his original rusted steel turn tables which he gave me many years ago.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?
As Above, So Below’ - a large bronze and water sculpture is permanently installed in the RNZ Navy Museum WW1 Pavilion at Torpedo Bay Devonport, to commemorate the New Zealanders who served at sea in WW1.

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Sculptures by Helen Pollock

2018 Exhibition

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