Chauncey Flay

Chauncey Flay

What inspires your art practice?
I am inspired to work with ‘found’ materials which may have been discarded, or which are not normally associated with a typical art making material. I aim to repurpose the material and to uncover stories about it, thereby transforming how it is perceived. My work is a reflection on our relationship with matter and through this a wider contemplation on the temporality of all things.

What materials do you work in?
I work with a wide range of stone, such
as Greywacke, Marble, Obsidian, Coral, Concrete and brick.

Describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2021
Parliament House Structure 1 is made from recycled marble from the Government buildings, which were removed during earthquake strengthening. Many of the surfaces in this sculpture show marks of the original stonemasons and builders from when the marble was quarried in Takaka and brought to Wellington to become part of Parliament House in the 1920s. I am interested in how this work can ask questions about how we assign significance to a material. Does the material lose its value when it is removed, or hold its meaning as a vestige of our history somehow? Can a material be a signifier of our relationship to place? Can a material ‘hold time’ and become a storyteller itself?

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZSOS?
Laree Payne Gallery in Hamilton and
The Central Gallery in Christchurch.

Where did you study?
AUT University

Sculptures by Chauncey Flay

NZ Sculpture OnShore Returns 2021

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