Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton

What inspires your art practice?
A sensitivity to the flow of the water and weather developed in yacht racing, surfing, diving, windsurfing and kite-surfing has been refined by playing Tai Chi and Ba Gua which emphasise fluid movements, flowing technique and skill rather than brute strength. This foundation is reflected in a range of works with a strong connection to nature and the fluidity and duality of life and often involve movement, which continually provides new perspectives that can reveal the hidden aspects or concepts of the work, which draw the astute viewer into deeper contemplation.

What materials do you work in?
Wood, Bronze, Steel, Paint, Fiberglass, Aluminium, Stainless, Oil

Describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2021
The Panels of the Orthodox Eastern European Churches provide the styling cues, the Textures guide the feel and the Bellatrix and Matariki inspire the content. Aiming to evoke the feel of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars through the use of texture to create a feeling of dimension.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZSOS?
Pah Homestead, Sir James Wallace Collection.

Where did you study?
Lyndon Smith Studios

Sculptures by Paul Brunton

NZ Sculpture OnShore Returns 2021

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