Sonia Richter

What inspires your art practice?
I have always had a huge interest in fashion, costume, painting and sculpture. Over the past 11 years these have all morphed together into large scale 3D wall hung works with clothing as the foundation of each piece. We all have pieces of clothing we treasure; items in our wardrobe that invoke particular memories, feelings or moments in time. I want to capture and tell their stories; give them a voice and celebrate them. Bring old clothing out of the attic and onto the walls!

What materials do you work in?
My work blurs the boundaries between fashion, painting and sculpture. Using a unique process involving acrylic and plaster, I repurpose vintage clothing into fine art, creating dramatic three dimensional wall hung pieces. Often I use found objects and organic materials such as antlers, skulls and butterflies.

Briefly describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2018.
In my current body of work I am investigating what makes me, as a first generation New Zealander, ‘Of New Zealand’. I have been looking into stories of the first women who arrived here, the hardships they had to go through, and the women who have had a huge impact on our nation. The work I am exhibiting at NZ Sculpture OnShore is called For those who came before. It is a 3m high ceiling hung work made from lots of vintage petticoats and christening gowns. I thought there was a lovely synergy between the strength of the women I am portraying in this work and with the amazing support the Women’s Refuge offer families in dire need.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?
I have been focusing my art career in New York recently and I have representation in a gallery in Connecticut, but not currently in NZ. You are welcome to come see in my studio in Wanaka!

Where did you study?
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology but mostly self taught

FB: Sonia Richter Art
Instagram: @soniarichterart

Sculptures by Sonia Richter

2018 Exhibition

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