Sangsool Shim & Keumsun Lee

What inspires your art practice?
We want to challenge the limit of clay so we have tried to make a big work. We also wanted to express New Zealand’s beautiful environment - flowers, ferns, mountain, field, birds, fishes, rain and wind.

What materials do you work in?
Stoneware, glass, copper, galvanized wire, steel pole, rubber, silicon.

Briefly describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2018.
Every morning we can wake up in New Zealand’s beautiful nature. Each piece expresses that natural beauty. They have been made separately and composed together to express each of these natural beauties by using various natural materials.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?
Kafenberg Museum Austria.
Portage Trust Collection.
Te Uru Gallery in Titirangi.
Corban Art Centre.
West Coast Gallery in Piha beach

Where did you study?
Republic of Korea

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