Nejat Kavvas

What inspires your art practice?
People, nature and the environment have inspired me the most. My university studies included Botany (where I studied plants intimately) and Zoology to a lesser extent, both of which have influenced my work. Learning a variety of languages and visiting 100’s of archaeological sites and museums around the world has also been a great inspiration. The mythology of different cultures has always fascinated me.

What materials do you work in?
I work in bronze, resins, stone, stainless steel, mild steel and glass.

Briefly describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2018.
I have two outdoor artworks and each one has its own narrative. I feel like a story teller of olden days when people didn’t have an alphabet and passed information on by telling stories. I feel my art helps me to tell my story and that of the time I am living in. I made the White Faced Heron due to an encounter I had with this bird in the Waiheke Island bush.
The dolphin was created in response to seeing a stunning photo taken by a great photographer friend, I had no choice but to make a sculpture of this amazing mammal.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?
Artbay Gallery in Queenstown, ZeaYou Gallery in Taupo.

Where did you study?
Florence Academy of Art
Facebook: nejatkavvassculpture
Instagram: @nejatkavvassculptor

Sculptures by Nejat Kavvas

2018 Exhibition

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