Lucy Bucknall

Lucy Bucknall

What inspires your art practice?
With family living all around the world, I have a keen international interest and constant source of inspiration. Often touching on conflict and politics; popular culture is a big influence on me with humour a possible catharsis to juxtapose the horror of all the bad stuff. I like to present a balance, raise awareness of different issues often using the zoomorphic vehicle to best achieve a particular story.

What materials do you work in?
Bronze, cement, paint, resin, fibreglass, ink

Describe your artwork for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2021
Cindy’s Family owned a cat called Link after a character in the popular kids game Zelda. When they moved house back in 2015 Link kept returning to the area, specifically Fort Takapuna. There he would lie in wait for unsuspecting dogs to come along whereupon he would leap, hiss, chase the poor pooches. Some locals knew him as Clementine because of the tag he borrowed from the cat, he had a special friend William the pug - but that’s another story!

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZSOS?
Lower Hutt Hospital, Wellington; Aryles Gardens, Whitford; Art by the Sea Takapuna; Waiheke Gallery Waiheke Island; Art Industry Clevedon; ArtBay Queenstown, Wharepuke Sculpture Gardens KeriKeri, Auckland Botanical Gardens.

Where did you study?
Bath Academy of Art UK
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Sculptures by Lucy Bucknall

2018 Exhibition

NZ Sculpture OnShore Returns 2021

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