Lucy Bucknall

What inspires your art practice?
The world around me, the struggle of humanity in the face of adversity. I have family and friends dotted around the world, some living and working in politically volatile places so I generally have an eye on the bigger picture outside of NZ. I also have a fascination with the physicality of different species. I am a keen supporter of organisations that try to help prevent cruelty to animals and that combat the negative effects humankind has on our environment. I admire political activism and like to think that as an artist I do my bit to raise awareness of these pressing issues.

What materials do you work in?
Bronze, concrete, resin, paint, clay and plaster.

Briefly describe your artwork for NZ
Sculpture OnShore 2018 With the new Republican government coming to power in the USA, hunting laws were changed legalising the killing of hibernating bears, wolves and wolf pups. Meanwhile the previous government re-introduced wolves to the Yellowstone National Park where they created a ‘trophic cascade’ - the wolves kept the deer under better control, therefore the vegetation began to regenerate where it naturally should. Other wildlife started to come back to the area and even the course of the river returned to its sustainable and healthy path. So the horror and the hope - the ‘howl’ signalling an alert. How did this man become leader of one of the most powerful countries and what lies ahead for our planet if he stays in power

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?
Auckland Botanical Gardens, Waiheke Island, Lower Hutt Hospital, Art By The Sea Gallery Devonport, Artis Galery Parnell, Art Industry Clevedon, ArtBay Queenstown, Art Form Matakana and Brick Bay Matakana.

Where did you study?
Bath Academy of Art UK
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Sculptures by Lucy Bucknall

2018 Exhibition

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