O L Shipgood

What inspires your art practice?

My inspiration comes from within. Being bought up in the Whakarewarewa thermal valley, Rotorua made me who I am as an artist today immersed in Maori art & culture. I grew up among the mud pools and geysers at Whakarewarewa, and had the best and most dangerous backyard to play in.

What materials do you work in?

Bronze, Marble, Wood, Polystyrene, Ice, Snow, Clay Plaster and stainless steel.

Where are the public most likely to see your artworks outside of NZ Sculpture OnShore?

Penny Haka Gallery. Whakarewarewa, Rotorua. The Beehive parlimentary buildings, Wellington. Te Papa and in Courtney Place, Wellington.

Where did you study

Wellington Polytech & Scuola Lorenzo D’Medici, Florence, Italy

Facebook: Penny Haka Gallery

Sculptures by O L Shipgood

2018 Exhibition

Made from Japanese cedar and London plane, the Calligraphy pen is a metaphor for the might of the sword. But as we know, more powerful is the signature of a pen. It has started and ended wars, alienated tens of millions from their lands, and also helped many throughout the world. It remains one of the main tools in this day and age which we could not live without.

Hatupatu and the Bird Woman is a sculpture of a very famous Te Arawa Legend. It is made from Polystyrene, hard coated with a paint finish. Finished to resemble bronze & steel.

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